Interior Design PRO

Interior Design PRO is a cutting-edge app meticulously crafted for Professional Interior Designers, yet effortlessly intuitive for everyone. Seamlessly bring your visions to life by designing any space with an extensive array of real-life objects and materials. Elevate your creativity and showcase your designs in unparalleled detail with stunning 8k photo-realistic images, setting a new standard in interior design innovation.

What Interior Design PRO Users are Saying

“Can’t tell you how much this came in hand for both myself and my clients. Very intuitive with a ton of features. Look forward to using this on all my upcoming projects.”​
- App Review
“It’s the best app for designing period! I’ve tried the others and they are not even close!”
- App Review
“If your plan is to remodel or build a home this app is a must. It might take a couple of minutes to get started but I modeled my entire upstairs and it was a big help for the remodel. Good job to the designers.”
- App Review


Room Scanner

Start designing quicker than ever with Interior Design PRO’s Room Scanner feature. Utilizing your device’s camera and LiDAR sensor, scan and import your space into Interior Design PRO in a matter of seconds.

Model Scanner

Harness the potential of your device’s camera and LiDAR technology to effortlessly scan real-world objects. Watch as scanned objects seamlessly become part of your interior design projects, blurring the lines between the physical and digital realms.

Model Importer

Interior Design PRO’s intuitive Import feature, gives you the flexibility to seamlessly integrate 3D models from select websites or your personal archive into your Interior Design Pro plans. Unlock a world of design possibilities by effortlessly incorporating external 3D models, allowing you to enrich your projects with diverse furniture, decor, and architectural elements.

Photoreal 4k & 8k Rendering

Elevate your design vision with our cutting-edge rendering feature, enabling the creation of breathtaking, photo-realistic renders for your Interior Design PRO plans. Choose the level of detail that suits your vision by generating renders in high-quality 2K or 4K, or, with our premium subscription, indulge in astonishingly sharp 8K resolution renders that capture the essence of your meticulously crafted Interior Design PRO projects.

Fly-Through Design Showcase

Interior Design PRO’s Flythrough feature enables the creation of recorded, automated walk-throughs of your meticulously crafted Interior Design PRO projects. Record your virtual walk-throughs effortlessly, and save them directly to your camera roll, empowering you to share and revisit your designs with ease.

Interior Design PRO
Available for free download on the iPad and iPhone


Interior Design Pro is an app designed specifically to meet the real needs of interior designers. Details matter and Interior Design PRO focuses on bringing those details to life.

Interior Design PRO is available on both the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPad.

Yes, all plans from TapGlance can be exported and uploaded into Interior Design Pro. See the Exporting and Sharing Plans video on the Interior Design Pro tutorial page.

Interior Design PRO is free to download and offers many of is features at the free level with ads. If your needs are not met with our free tier, we offer a pricing plan designed to meet the needs of all users.

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